Rinke Lab Group Image Collection

Rinke Lab, Group pictures

Group pictures of the Rinke Lab at the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics (ACE), SCMB, University of Queensland, Australia.

All group pics of sampling trips, fun activities, group lunches, etc. live here.

 Mud Volcano sampling

 Mexican detour during mud volcano sampling - the sampling crew, from right to left: Jiarui, Yi, Anna, Apoorva, Chris; May 2022 


Microbial Mud Fuel Cell Workshop - the participants, from right to left: Harmony, Jiarui, Anna, Chris Apoorva, Yi; March 2022



The Jacaranda Jump - the jumpers, from right to left: Anna, Chris, Apoorva, Yi, Jiarui; November 2021



The ice cream feast - the feasters from right to left: Selene, Jiarui, Maria, Apoorva, Julie, Chris; 2019 

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